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How do you know a basset hound is the right dog for you? Where will you find the right dog? Should you go to a breeder, or should you get a dog from a rescue group? What should you look for in the right dog for you? How do you know a breeder is reputable? What are the benefits of adopting an older rescue dog? The link on this page should help you in your search for the right dog.
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Special Needs Dogs Searching For New Homes:
Are you looking for a very special new family member? These special bassets will steal your heart. If you are interested in adopting a special dog, please contact us for more information. We love to place them in new loving homes.

Senior Dogs Needing Homes:
Have you ever considered adopting a senior basset hound? Seniors can be a calming influence in your home. They are wonderful companions often wanting to be the very best foot warmer you could have. Seniors end up in rescue for many different reasons. Some of those reasons are the same as for a younger dog. The most heartbreaking cases are those where a dog has given ten or more years of unconditional love for a family, but when it comes time for the senior dog to need a bit more care the family members do not want to face up to the responsibility of providing it. Sometimes it is a matter of the family not wanting to have to deal with the death of their furry family member. So, they abandon the dog leaving it up to a stranger to comfort him/her when it is time to make the trip to the Rainbow Bridge.

What is a Reputable Breeder?

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