Reputable Breeder

A reputable breeder:

  • Breeds dogs that can prove their soundness in the show world.
    As they desire to improve the breed and keep it's qualities in looks and purpose intact. Not all dogs they breed are "show" quality, but the knowledge of the standard, the study of genetics, and positive intent and purpose are bred into their dogs.  

  • Breeds dog that have sound temperament ONLY.
    All dogs have the right to be someone's loving pet, whether they are of show quality or not. Sound temperaments are critical to allow this to happen.
  • Does not knowingly breed a dog that will create pups that will have a health problem.
    This comes from the study of ancestral backgrounds and knowing what your dogs can produce.

  • Will do everything in their power to make sure the mom and pups have everything they need to be and stay healthy, despite the financial investment.
    Sells all pet quality dogs on a spay/neuter contract.
  • Sells all dogs, even if show quality, on a spay/neuter contract if they are not going to be shown in order to close doors that might allow the dog to be indiscriminately bred.
    Has a contract at the time of sale that includes the above items (eg. spay/nuter, breeding restrictions, showing expectations, care of dog, return policy) and is well written enough to stand up in court if necessary in order to help a dog that is in trouble.
  • Screens new owners carefully, and will refuse if it doesn't feel like the right home for the dog, even if feelings may be hurt, or someone may get angry.
    A happy home and a good family/dog match, feels good to all concerned.
  • Has no set number of litters to breed each year, nor a predetermined number of dogs to maintain, but thinks of quality rather than quantity.
    Will always control how many dogs they can care for properly when deciding to breed and/or keep a puppy or adult .

  • Shows kindness and respect for the dogs and their needs.
  • Actively supports their breed in some way...shows, education, rescue, mentoring people new to the breed, etc.
  • If they can not be of assistance to you, they will instead guide you to others that are reputable.
  • Will be open and honest with you about their dogs and breed.
    They have no issues to hide or skirt to place their dogs or "make a sale".
  • Will always include a return policy in their contract, no matter what the age or condition of the dog.
    If they bred it, they will take it back.
  • Keeps track of their dogs and checks on them when possible.
    After all, how do you know how your breeding program is doing if you never see the dogs grow up?  Makes sure the terms of the contract are being carried out. Is willing to go through the hassel if the terms are not being followed in order to assure the positive welfare of the dog. 
  • Is prepared to financially support the dogs they own and reside with them, due  to complications, illness, etc.
  • Recognizes quality of life is critical, though this can be VERY hard when decisions must be made.
  • Will always be there to help the owner of any dog they have bred.
  • Takes the time to be with all of their dogs each day.
    Is aware of any health needs or concerns, as they would be for themselves.