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Oregon Basset Hound Rescue  

We exist in order to find homes for basset hounds who have been abandoned, dropped off at shelters, or have ended up homeless for some other reason. Bassets available for adoption are placed in foster homes with families while they await their forever home. This allows us to learn about the dog's temperament, evaluate the dog's medical condition and provide needed care, make sure that the dog is spayed or neutered, and then find a home that matches the dog.

We believe in educating the public as to the plight of dogs in this country due to irresponsible breeding practices as well as the characteristics of the breed, and the proper care of a basset hound. This quirky loveable breed is dear to our hearts and as long as there is a basset in need there will be a need for organizations such as ours.

SAVE THE DATE!  Sunday July 15th  is the 2018 Oregon Basset Hound Games

Oregon Basset Hound Rescue is a non profit 501(c)(3) group.